Debt recovery for your business

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Are unpaid invoices damaging your profitability?

Don’t wait for your debtor to pay because if they have not paid to date then chances are they are not going to pay without legal intervention.

If you want to recover your debts in an effective, efficient and economic way get in touch with Cohen Cramer Solicitors.

Help me recover my debts

3 simple steps to recovery of your debt;

We will arrange for the letters of claim to be sent to your debtors and unless payment is forthcoming within the 14 day period, we will prepare the Claim Form, Particulars of Claim and issue proceedings on your behalf. We will then apply for a County Court Judgement to be entered if the claim is not defended.

Aside from the Court fee payable when issuing proceedings, you pay nothing to us unless we make a recovery from the debtors.

It is  not a question of whether you can afford to instruct solicitors to recover your unpaid invoices but rather whether you can afford not to.

Our experienced Debt Recovery Team offers the following benefits:

  • risk-free service which means if there is no recovery, no solicitor’s fee’ is payable. (The only fee that may be payable is the Court Fee if the claim is issued.)
  • All debts collected for a maximum solicitor’s fee of 5% of total recovery;
  • Timely and efficient recovery of debts, freeing up valuable time to focus on the management and growth of your business;
  • The ability to provide instructions through a simple on-line platform without the need for time-consuming or costly meetings;
  • The flexibility of funding options should the debt become disputed.

Large Debt

  • You win your case receiving a financial benefit of £8,000.
  • We are entitled to 5% of the above sum = £400.
  • You also receive £130 in fixed costs from the other party which are payable to us.
  • As we have then received £130 of the £400, you make up the difference from the £8,000 received.
  • Therefore you will be required to pay a further £270 to us.

Small debt:

  • You win your case receiving a financial benefit of £600.00.
  • You also receive £92.00 in fixed costs.
  • As 5% of £600.00 is £30.00, the solicitor simply retains the fixed costs.
  • You therefore will receive the debt in full = £600.00.

Don’t put it off until tomorrow, if someone hasn’t made any effort to pay you so far it is unlikely that they are going to do so without the threat of court proceedings and while you may be sympathetic to their position you need to think about your position. It is your money, your business, your livelihood.

If you would like to discuss matters further, please contact a member of our Debt Recovery Team.

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