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We can deal with your claim

Cohen Cramer Solicitors have a dedicated and specialist personal injury department and we are able to provide the legal advise and assistance you need when bringing claim for compensation in relation to:

testpeelWe will recover all your losses

We would look to recover compensation not only for your injuries, physical as well as mental, but all and any financial losses both past and future you may incur as a result of the accident.

This can include:

  • lost income both past and future if you are going to be off work for a long time
  • treatment such as physio, counselling etc as well as prescription and over the counter medication
  • repair or replacement of any of personal items that were damaged in the accident
  • additional mileage and gratuitous care you may have received from family and friends as a result of the accident
  • all and any other losses arising from the accident

We can deal with your claim on an a No Win-No Fee basis

There is no need to worry about how you will pay your legal fees; your claim can be dealt with on a No Win- No Fee basis. This means that, subject to your compliance with our agreement, if your claim fails you will not have to pay us for the work we have done on your behalf. Not a penny, there are not hidden sign up fees, no admin fees; nothing.

You get direct access to the person dealing with your claim

We believe that direct and personal contact is the best way to deal with your claim. As a client of ours you get both the direct telephone and email address of the person dealing with your claim and their assistant. No receptionist putting you on hold for five minutes, no secretaries taking messages; you will be able to get through to the people who have conduct of your case and the knowledge to answer your enquiries.

We will call you soon to see how we can be of assistance or you can get in touch with us: