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Cohen Cramer Personal Injury Team

Cohen Cramer Personal Injury Department Legal Team – For the Quality Legal Service You Deserve.

Emma Mason

Emma Mason

Managing Director

Emma joined Cohen Cramer in 1999. She is the head of the Serious Injury Team which reflects her vast experience in acting for clients who have suffered serious injuries as a result of accidents at work, in public places and in road traffic accidents. Emma’s expertise also includes complex medical negligence cases. She, like the rest of the team, is experienced in acting for children as well as adults injured in accidents. Emma is a member of The Association Of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and is also a member of the Law Society’s Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme which verifies a member’s expertise and recognises their accomplishment in the area of personal injury law.

Cases completed by Emma Mason


traffic accident compensation claim

Claim for road traffic accident

Miss L – head injury from a road traffic accident

Emma acted for a young woman who was a back seat passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a head-on collision with another. The Claimant sustained a fractured skull and nerve damage to the left eye. Other symptoms and injuries involved headaches and depression requiring extensive treatment and medication.

Emma arranged for case management and extensive rehabilitation and the matter eventually settled in November 2014 with the Claimant receiving £372,500 in settlement of her claim.

Miss C – injuries from a road traffic accident

The Leeds based client was involved in a road traffic accident when hit from behind by a vehicle that failed to brake when the Claimant slowed down at a pedestrian crossing.  Injuries resulting from the incident included soft tissue damage to neck and shoulders, injury to her left leg, damage to her right eye and psychological damage.

Three days after the accident the Claimant suffered a stroke resulting in speech difficulties, loss of mobility to her left side, loss of concentration, headaches and fatigue. The Claimant went on to make a good recovery. Emma was able to obtain expert evidence to support the stroke was as a result of the accident.

The Claimant received damages of £127,500.00.

Mr H – injuries following an accident at work

The Claimant sustained an injury at work when a defective ratchet strap on his lorry snapped, causing him to fall backward on to the base of his spine and sustained an injury to his back. Whilst initial tests showed he had fractured his T8 vertebra, this later proved not to the case. Despite this, the Claimant suffered restricted movement, ongoing pain, and depression.

Medical evidence was complicated as there was a background and history of pre-existing problems. However, Emma was able to obtain medical evidence to support the fact that the Claimant was suffering from a psychological pain condition. Settlement was eventually agreed in a sum of £167,000.00

Mrs W – claim for injury as a pedestrian hit by a vehicle 

Emma acted for this elderly woman who was struck by a vehicle as it entered a car-park from the main road and, as a result of the incident, sustained a fracture to her right tibia and shattered and kneecap. Damages were recovered not only for her pain and suffering but also for her care and rehabilitation needs.

Unfortunately, the driver of the vehicle was not insured and so the matter was referred to the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) who took on the claim as if they were the relevant insurer.

The Claimant accepted the MIB award of £46,000.00. 

Mrs H – accident at work in a charity shop

Mrs H, while working as a volunteer at a charity shop, slipped on a bag of clothing that had been left in a hazardous place. She sustained a fracture to her hip requiring an operation and hospital admission for 12 days.

Liability was initially disputed but Emma was able to persuade the Defendant to admit liability. The extent of the Claimant`s losses wasdisputed and proceedings were issued.  Following this, an offer of £70,000 was made which the Claimant accepted.

Claim for electric shock

Claim for electric shock

Mr H – electric shock at work

This self-employed Claimant sustained serious burns as a result of drilling into an electric cable at premises in Bradford whilst installing kitchen units. Liability was very much disputed by the two potential Defendants. Expert evidence was obtained in relation to the location of the electric cable and eventually one of the Defendants accepted liability and the Claimant received an award of £40,000.00.

Miss T – trip due to poorly lit stairs

The Claimant sustained hearing loss when she fell down a flight of stairs in a night club. The stairs were not in any way defective or broken but it was argued, on behalf of the Claimant, that the level of lighting was inadequate.

While there was no admission of liability a settlement was reached with the Claimant receiving an award of £25,000.00.

Miss H – injury caused by fall from a horse during a work placement

This young woman sustained injury when she fell from a horse while on a work placement as part of her veterinary studies.  The Claimant was, as a result of her injuries, temporarily unable to continue with her studies.

The injuries had a ‘strong non-physical component’ and there was evidence that the Claimant had suffered an abnormal pain reaction.

Liability was denied and proceedings were issued. Before the matter could be heard in court an offer of £30,000 was made. The Claimant was pleased to accept this offer and the matter was settled.

Mr N – injury in a boatyard

The Claimant sustained an injury to his back when his foot went down a hole in the floating pontoon he was working on; the hole was as a result of a missing standpipe. Liability was denied on a number of fronts relating to the maintenance of the standpipe and the reporting of the incident.

As a result of the denial, it became necessary to issue proceedings however before a trial date was set the Claimant accepted an offer of £40,000.00 in settlement of his claim.

Emma Mason can be reached on 0113 390 7887 or email 

For the Quality Legal Service You Deserve.



Mike Massen

Mike Massen


Mike is an expert in all areas of personal injury work with many years of experience.

From October 2005  he was the principal of Gartons Solicitors, Gartons were acquired by Cohen Cramer in June 2014 allowing Mike to concentrate on working on both departmental and practice development. He has a strong interest in marketing and the positive reputation management of both the practice and the staff.

In addition, Mike has over 20 years of personal injury experience and is an accredited Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.


Elizabeth West

Elizabeth West


Contact details:

Elizabeth joined Cohen Cramer Solicitors in 2016 having gained a wealth of experience in law firms in Yorkshire and Cheshire.

She works within the serious injury and medical negligence team and heads up the Four Legs Law team advising on all aspects of canine and equestrian legal matters. Elizabeth is particularly proficient in bringing and defending claims under the Animals Act, which is a highly complex and specialised area of law. Elizabeth deals with criminal cases and matters of quasi-civil nature in the Magistrates Court (predominately dogs seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991) and has a great passion for such.

Elizabeth is a member of the Leeds and District Medico-Legal Society.

Diane Davison

Diane Davison

Chartered Legal Executive

Diane Davison is a Chartered Legal Executive with over 18 years’ experience of representing claimants who have been seriously injured.  Diane trained at a national law firm where she developed experience of a wide range of personal injury matters.  She has experience of dealing with life-changing injuries including spinal injuries, amputations, brain injuries, fatal accidents, multiple fractures, injuries to internal organs.  She also represents victims of abuse and complex disease claims such as occupational stress, work-related upper limb disorders and hand-arm vibration syndrome.  She also has experience of Court of Protection work involving the overlap with personal injury claims and mental capacity issues.  Diane has genuine empathy for her clients and passion to achieve justice and maximum damages. 

Diane has a special interest in Armed Forces Claims and has represented many serving and ex-service personnel over the years to seek compensation when they have suffered needlessly during the course of their duties.  Diane represented a Royal Marine who suffered a non-freezing cold injury to his hands and feet which was entirely preventable had complaints of injury been heeded by the chain of command and correct equipment provided.  Sadly, he lost his military career due to the serious nature of the injury, opportunity to progress in the services and opportunity to obtain work in uniformed services post-Army.  His case settled for £780k.

Diane fully understands the impact a serious injury can have on a claimant and their families and has the expertise to ensure her clients receive the right level of damages, correct medical treatment, rehabilitation, and interim payments.  Her detailed knowledge of the law and practice allows her to get the best results for her clients. 

Diane has dealt with a number of high profile cases including Patterson v MoD 2012 which was a reported case and involved a determination of what constitutes a “disease” for the purpose of setting the correct level of success fee in a non-freezing cold injury claim.  The case had wider implications on the definition of “disease”.  She also represented the family in a claim against a local Police Force following a tragic fatal accident involving a Police Officer who drove at speed with an underinflated tyre.  The case attracted national publicity and involved two failed criminal trials and eventual settlement of civil damages. 

Diane has raised thousands of pounds for charity through running events for her nominated charities including Headway, Alzheimer’s Research UK and Diabetes UK.  In her spare time, she enjoys walking and cycling (running now being out of the question due to injury).  She also enjoys spending time with her cats and can often be found in her potting shed planting seeds and looking out for the next exciting variety of flowers and vegetables. 

Alison Ludwell

Alison Ludwell

Paralegal Team Leader

Contact details:

Alison is a paralegal who has a number of years of experience in handling personal injury claims with a particular interest and passion for representing the victims of serious sexual assault and child abuse cases. Alison also heads up our CICA division and has many years experience navigating the most sensitive of cases throughout the CICA application process.

Alison has represented applicants throughout the various appeal stages including providing advocacy representation to the First-Tier Tribunal hearings across the country, where she has had commanded notable success.