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How much can I claim for a needlestick accident?

The amount you can claim for your needlestick injury depends upon the extent of the injury and the impact it has upon you.

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Most injuries are physically limited to a small puncture wound with some bleeding and, hopefully, after a few months of stress and worry you will receive the ‘all clear’. You can still claim for the stress and worry even if you don’t develop an infection as a result of the incident.

  • Compensation for a needlestick injury with no additional complications, by this we mean no need for counselling or medication, is usually in the region of £1750 -£2,000
  • If you need counselling the level of compensation awarded will depend upon the amount and type of counselling required.
  • If you develop PTSD as a result of the needlestick incident and require extensive counselling then awards are usually in the region of £4,000
  • If you have PEP as a result of the needle stick accident awards are usually in the region of £2500 -£3,000 depending on the extent of any adverse reactions
  • Infection* as a result of a needlestick injury is rare, in the unfortunate event of you becoming infected the compensation claim will be complex and many factors will be taken into consideration so it is not possible to give guide figures for awards.

*In the vast majority of cases the injured party will get an ‘all-clear’ with no further impact or problems. Sadly this is not always the case and infection from a blood borne virus such as hepatitis B and C as well as HIV can result from such injuries.

The level of compensation for someone who catches an infection will be higher than for someone who escapes infection, likewise if you have undergo PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) treatment and suffer the usual side effects which can include nausea, vomiting and dizziness, then you will be able to claim for that as well.

Additional claims for needlestick injury

In addition to the compensation for your your physical and mental symptoms you will also be able to claim for:

  • lost income if you need time off work due to illness, treatment or counselling as a result of the incident
  • cost of treatment/counselling required
  • care from family and friends if such is needed as a result of the injury even if you didn’t pay them for the care received; this is known as gratuitous care costs
  • other and all financial losses naturally arising from the injury

Your claim will not cost you a penny

We can deal with your claim on a No Win -No Fee basis so it won’t cost you a penny to bring your claim, win or lose. Our costs are paid by the other side.

When can I make a claim?

See our when can I make a claim page to find when you can claim for your needle stick injury

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