Accidents will happen – claim for an accident at work.

  • November 3, 2012
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A recent survey showed that people who work in heavy industry and off-shore fishing are more likely to have an accident than most; you have to ask who commissions these reports. Surely common sense says that if you spend your day working around large machines that cut, shape, heat and pound metal or 10 miles off the coast in a November storm handling ropes and nets then you are more likely to have an injury than someone who sits at a computer all day with no more greater threat than a nasty paper cut.

That said accidents happen to all of us from time to time; some are no more than that – accidents will happen and no-one is to blame hopefully we dust ourselves off, hope no-one saw us and get on with our lives. A lot of accidents are avoidable and are the fault of someone cutting corners, not looking what they were doing or going or just plain being slack in their job.

If you suffer an accident at work as a result of the negligent actions of a colleague, workmate or your employer then you are entitled to claim compensation and damages for your injury and losses.

Your accident may have been as a result of:

  • An unsafe system of work
  • Poorly maintained equipment, tools or plant
  • Horseplay or negligence of a workmate
  • Poor manual handling procedures

Whatever the cause of your accident here at Gartons we can help you claim the compensation and damages that you deserve.

We will help you claim compensation not only for your injuries but also any financial losses you may have incurred such:

  • Lost income as a result of time away from work for recovery or treatment
  • The cost of any treatment, medication or rehabilitation you may need
  • Long-term care or the cost of alterations to your property or car if the injury is serious
  • Prejudice on the job market (this is known as a ‘Smith v Manchester’ award)
  • Incidental expenses such as the cost of getting to your doctor or the hospital
  • Property damaged in the accident such clothing or your mobile phone
  • All and any other financial losses arising from the accident

We are experts at dealing with claims arising from accidents at work and we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

To find out how we can get your claim started get in touch with us today:

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