Civil claims for assault

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Civil claim for assault. If you have been the victim of an assault, rape or sexual assault and you know the name of your attacker it may be possible to bring a claim against them directly or even their employer in certain circumstances.

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When to bring a civil claim for assault

You can bring a claim directly against your attacker in one of two circumstances.

  • Your attacker is independently wealthy and will have sufficient assets or money to be able to satisfy any claim made against them. They may have cash in the bank, a pension pot, property or a successful business. As long as it can be shown that they have assets and you have a sufficiently good claim to justify it we can ask the courts to freeze any assets they may have to prevent them disposing of such while your claim is being dealt with.
  • If your attacker was acting in the course of his employment such as a doctor who assaulted you during the course of your examination or a teacher who abused their position of trust then we would look to bring a claim against their employer’s insurance. There has to be a link between their job and the assault it is not a case of simply suing the employer just because your attacker has a job.

The advantages of bringing a claim directly against your attacker or their employer as opposed to making an application to the CICA are:

  • You have three years to bring your claim as opposed to the two year limit for the CICA (if the incident occurred more than three years ago it is possible to seek the courts discretion to extend this period; we can advise you on this if appropriate)
  • Awards made in the courts are higher than those offered by the CICA
  • There is no upper limit as there is with the CICA
  • You can claim lost income from day one whereas the CICA will only pay lost income after the first 28 weeks
  • Solicitors’ costs are paid in addition to your damages unlike applications to the CICA.

How we can help

All in all, a claim made direct will provide you with a higher level of compensation and here at Cohen Cramer we can advise you as the chances of bringing a successful claim on this basis. To get your claim started or to have a chat to see what we can do to help, get in touch with us today:

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Your claim can be brought on a ‘No Win-No Fee’ basis so it won’t cost you a penny if your claim is unsuccessful.

Civil claim for assault