Botox and Fillers Compensation Claims

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Botox and Fillers Compensation Claims. Botox/Facial fillers come under a range of different names and brands, for example, Vistabel, Juvederm, Dysport, Azzalure, Xeomin, Bocouture, and Neurobloc.

Problems generally arise due to:

  • Poorly or inadequately trained staff;
  • Procedures being carried out by unqualified practitioners;
  • Failure to give appropriate advice regarding risks and adverse effects;
  • Failure to use the correct equipment and or products;
  • Hygiene issues leading to infections;
  • Failure to advise as to after-treatment care.

Injuries can include:

  • allergic reactions;
  • muscle soreness;
  • scarring or abrasions;
  • muscle weakness or stiffness;
  • skin necrosis (where skin cells die and blacken);
  • facial or eyelid droop, cold and flu-like symptoms;
  • extreme swelling and discoloration;
  • loss of speech;
  • breathing difficulties;
  • blurred vision or even blindness;
  • permanent disfigurement.

Prior to your treatment being carried, you should always be given full information about the possible risks to decide whether it will be suitable for you. The practitioner should obtain your full signed consent to say that you have been advised of the procedure, the risks and that you give your informed consent to continue. You should also be provided with information regarding aftercare.

If you have any contraindications (any factors which mean the treatment may potentially be harmful to you, such as taking a particular type of medication or having a pre-existing health condition), your practitioner should identify this before giving you any treatment.

If the filler is not applied in the correct manner it can lead to lumps or clumping under the skin and may need to be dissolved by a medical professional to avoid any further complications.

What you can claim

The level of damages will depend upon the extent and duration of the injuries and suffering experienced, as well as the individual circumstances of the injured party. We would look to claim not only for the pain and scarring/burns and or psychological damages that you may suffer but in addition, we would seek to recover for all your financial losses that have arisen from the incident.

This can include:

  • the cost of any treatment for the scarring/burns, as well as for any psychological treatment required
  • the long-term costs of camouflage cream and other required cosmetics to reduce the visibility of skin disfigurement
  • the recovery of the costs of the original treatment
  • lost income as a result of time away from work for recovery and/or treatment
  • all and any other financial losses resulting from the incident

Your botox and fillers compensation claim

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We can deal with your claim on a “No Win-No Fee” basis so if for any reason your claim is not successful you won`t pay us a penny for the work we have done on your behalf.