Spinal cord injury claims

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Here at Cohen Cramer we recognise the wide-ranging effects of spinal cord injuries and that they can be traumatic and life-changing.

Your injuries may leave you with a disability ranging from complete tetraplegia and paraplegia to incomplete spinal cord injury. Whatever the extent of your injury the effects can be far-reaching and it is vital that you recover the right amount of compensation so as to ensure that we secure for you and your loved ones the best possible future with the best care and rehabilitation.

As well as ensuring the best long-term results for you it is also paramount that we take immediate action so as to relieve the financial pressure  that is inevitably caused by such injuries. We will doe this by seeking an interim payment, basically payment on account, as soon as we have secured an admission of liability.

We will claim for you compensation for not only your pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life but all and any financial losses arising as a result of your accident and subsequent incapacity.  This can include the obvious such as lost income for the extent of your incapacity but also for such things as:

  • alterations to your home
  • specialist transport
  • future treatment and rehabilitaion costs

We know that money will never replace the life you had but with our experience, knowledge and access to a team of hand-picked experts we can make your life as comfortable as it can be.

At Cohen Cramer we know how to get you the best help and the best results. You can have confidence in our ability to take care of things for you. We will do whatever it takes to help you rebuild your life following a spinal cord injury and will ensure that we stop at nothing to get you back on track.

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