Claiming additional compensation from the CICA

Even if you have received an award from the CICA you can still go back to them and seek further compensation.

Quite often when a claim is settled the victim can be still suffering from the incident and will just take the first award offered without waiting to see how they would be in the long-term; this can cause a lot of problems if recovery takes longer than was expected and insufficient damages have been accepted.

If this is the case you can claim further damages.

The rules that govern the CICA state that if:

  • There has been a material change in your condition
  • That condition was as a result of the original assault

they will consider reopening your case and seeing if a further payment is to be made.

This is not as easy or straightforward as it sounds, it could be quite a while since you settled your claim and a lot of evidence may be required if you have not recovered or got worse and possibly been off work for a long time.

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