CICA claim for assault while at work

Some types of work carry a greater risk of assault than others; a security guard may be assaulted by a shoplifter, a bank clerk may suffer psychological injuries following an armed raid. Just because you work in a potentially dangerous job doesn’t stop you making a claim through the CICA and we can help; just ask.

It may be that your injuries were as a result of the negligent actions of your employers insomuch as they failed to take adequate steps to ensure your safety and well-being and again, we can help you.

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We can deal with your claim either on a contingency basis or, if we feel that your employer can be held responsible for the attack upon you by failing to have adequate security etc we can deal with your claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

Whatever method we use to fund your claim you won’t have to pay us a penny if your claim is not successful.

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