CICA to reduce awards – time to lodge your application

  • August 14, 2012
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There are plans afoot to remove the right to compensation for victims of violent crime where the injury is regarded as ‘low-level’ and any potential applicants may be advised to lodge their claim now before such plans are made real.

What you and I may regard as reasonably serious such as a fractured cheekbone could be regarded as ‘low-level’ and so attract no award whatsoever. Likewise there are also proposals to reduce any claim for lost income down to an award equal to statutory sick pay only; this may not go a long way to covering the mortgage or every day expenses and a lot of people who sustain serious injury could be seriously affected by Ken Clark, Westminster Justice Secretary, latest plans to save money.

It is estimated that the number of eligble applicants could be reduced by 60 %. There is a promise that the changes will ensure that the victims will get better support;  how this will be achieved by denying them compensation and reducing their income remains to be seen.

As stated the above changes are in the planning stage and so to make sure that you are still eligible to make a claim you need to get your application in as soon as possible. Gartons Solicitors are experts at dealing with CICA matters and can help you get the award you deserve. Call 0113 237 9617, email me or visit our website.

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