Claim for chemical and gas inhalation injury at work

  • October 17, 2012
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You can claim compensation if you have sustained injury and loss as a result of inhaling chemicals or gases while at work.

You can sustained internal injuries from the inhalation of such substances and chemical as methane and carbon dioxide can have immediate and lost lasting impact on your health and well-being. These inert gases can cause deprivation of adequate oxygen and so lead to permanent mental damage.

Other gases such as chlorine and ammonia can cause instant distress and damage to the lining of your nose if breathed in and cause a burning sensation in the nose and mouth.

Whatever the cause of your chemical or gas inhalation injury here at Gartons we can help you claim the compensation you are entitled to and the compensation you deserve.

To get your claim started today get in touch now:

Chances are we can deal with your claim on a No Win-No Fee basis so you won’t have to pay us a penny regardless of whether your claim is successful or not.

Your accident may have occurred as a result of :

  • your employers failure to provide you with adequate or appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • a spillage of a noxious substance by a colleague
  • damaged plant allowing the gas to leak (a lot of the toxic gases are odorless and colourless)

Gartons are experts at dealing with such matters and can help you claim compensation for both your injuries and financial losses:

compensation for your injuries is known as General Damages and is based upon the extent of the injuries and their effects and impact upon you and your life

compensation for your financial losses is known as Special Damages and includes:
  • loss of income as result of injury, treatment and recovery
  • cost of any treatment required such as physiotherapy, prescription costs etc
  • equipment required for treatment, mobility if your injury is severe or debilitating
  • professional care costs if required
  • gratuitous care from family and friends
  • any prejudice on the job market (known as a Smith v Manchester claim)
  • any and all other financial losses such as lost pension etc.

To make sure that you receive all the compensation that you deserve get in touch with us today:

For the quality legal service you deserve.

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