Claiming for a Forklift Truck Accident

  • August 7, 2012
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Claim for Forklift Truck Accident

A forklift truck accident can happen either at your place of work or while you are out shopping and will be the result of a lack of operator training, inadequate premises or failure to maintain the forklift, whatever the cause of the accident you are entitled to claim compensation and we can help you.

Employers are responsible for your safety and well-being while you are at work or on their premises as a visitor and it is down to them to ensure that forklift truck drivers are sufficiently trained in using a forklift. So if someone causes a forklift truck accident that leads to your injury you don’t have to worry about suing them directly; your forklift truck accident claim will be brought against their employer; this is known as vicarious liability.

The concept of vicarious liability applies regardless of where your accident took place:

  • to claim for a forklift truck accident that occurred while you were at work 
  • to claim for a forklift truck accident that occurred while you were at retail premises 

Levels of forklift truck accident compensation vary

We will claim compensation for your forklift truck accident injuries, how much depends on your injuries and how they have affected you. We will obtain a medical report to make sure that we have all the information we need to make sure you get the maximum compensation and damages.

As well as claiming for your forklift truck accident injuries we will also claim any financial losses you have incurred as a result of the forklift truck accident.

This can include:

  • Lost income for time off work as a result of injury or treatment as a result of injuries sustained in the accident
  • Future lost income if your injuries are going to keep you off work for a long time
  • Additional compensation if your injuries put you at a disadvantage on the job market ( this is known as a Smith v Manchester award)
  • Treatment costs such as physiotherapy/long term care if needed as a result of your accident.
  • Out of pocket expenses such as medication etc as well as the cost of aids and appliances; this can include work done on your house if your injuries require it
  • Gratuitous care and assistance from family and friends, this covers helping you get to appointments, care with cooking, washing etc.
  • All other financial losses arising from and as a direct result of the accident.

Your claim can be dealt with on a ‘No Win – No Fee’ basis, this means that if we are successful with your claim the other side, as well as paying your damages, also pay your costs. If for any reason we are not successful then you don’t pay us a penny for the work we have done. Either way you don’t pay a penny with 100% of your damages going to you; no hidden fees, no messing about.

To get your forklift truck accident claim started or just to chat to see how we can help you get in touch today:

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For the quality legal service you deserve for your forklift truck accident.

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