Breast implant claims

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If you have suffered leakage, rupture, movement or general pain and discomfort as a result of inappropriate or defective implants following breast surgery or augmentation you may be entitled to claim compensation and damages for your injury and loss. Cohen Cramer can you help you make that claim.

Breast augmentation either by standard procedure, transaxillary or tranumbillical methods, is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery and therefore, statistically, one of the common procedures to go wrong.

The most common issues arising from breast augmentation are:

  • slippage and rupturing – this can, as a result of negligence or inexperience, lead to an imbalance or uneven shaped breasts. A ruptured implant can be dangerous and should be removed, by means of further surgery, immediately.
  • asymmetrical breast implants – this is a problem, again caused by negligence or inexperience, that can lead to the finished breasts being different sizes or uneven in their positioning and or distribution.
  • scarring –  there will always be some degree of scarring after a surgical procedure of this kind however it should not be excessive and if it is felt that the level of scarring is excessive you may wish to make a claim.
  • loss of sensation – there can be a loss of sensation following any such procedure; this is not an expected outcome and, if you have, following such a procedure, noticed a reduction in sensitivity to the breast then you may wish to consider making a claim.

We can help you make a claim on a No Win-No Fee basis so that if, for any reason, your claim is not successful you won’t have to pay us a penny for the work we have done on your behalf. To get your claim started today:

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