Eye surgery (blepharoplasty) claims

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Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can rejuvenate puffy, sagging or tired looking eyes by removing loose folds of skin from the upper eyelids and take away the bags in lower eyelids.

The Department of Health provides the following recommendations for upper and lower eyelid surgery:

“This procedure should be carried out by a surgeon with relevant skills and experience in an establishment registered with the Care Quality Commission. An ophthalmologist (an eye surgeon) should also assess your suitability for surgery.” Ref: Dept. of Health Cosmetic Surgery Information for Patients.

If you have received such treatment and feel that it has fallen short of the required skills leaving you unhappy with the end result or worse, then Cohen Cramer Solicitors can help you claim compensation and damages.

The main problems that can arise as a result of poor treatment, other than a failure to deal with cosmetic issues, can be:

  • Inability to close your eyes
  • Dry or over wet eyes
  • Bleeding behind the eye – in extreme cases this can lead to blindness
  • Asymmetrical looking eyes

If you think that you have sustained any condition or have a problem as a result of your treatment then get in touch with us today for your initial consultation:

Your claim can be dealt with on a no win-no fee basis so that you can bring your claim risk free.

As well as compensation for your pain and suffering including mental trauma we will look to recover compensation for the cost of the original treatment you have had as well as the cost of any further remedial work that you may need.
In addition we will look to recover any other financial losses that you may incur such as time off from work for treatment and recovery as well as the cost of the required treatment. We will make sure that you recover all and any losses arising from the negligent treatment.

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