Nose job claims

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Rhinoplasty, or nose jobs as they are more usually known is the one of the common forms of plastic cosmetic surgery and, while a relatively straight forward procedure, there is still scope for error. There can be issues with the procedure and if you are not happy with the end result then speak to Cohen Cramer Solicitors.

Our experts will be able to assess the position and advise if you have a claim for compensation.

The major problem with nose jobs is that patients are not always happy with the end result. It is accepted that health issues can arise as a result of poor medical practice leading to complications including:

• Infection
• Blood clots
• Problems with breathing
• Damage to the olfactory nerves leading to problems with the sense of smell

Whatever the cause and the symptoms you need to seek qualified and experienced legal advice to see if you have a right to redress and a claim.

In addition to compensation for your pain and suffering we will look to recover the cost of the initial procedure as well as any remedial surgery that you may need. Additionally any lost income due to time away from work for treatment or recovery will also be claimed along with any other financial losses that have arisen as a result of the procedure.

We will also look to claim for the psychological damage and loss of self confidence that can result from a poorly executed procedure; such problems can lead to depression and therefore severely impact upon your ability to work.

We will consider all of these aspects when assessing the extent of your claim.

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