Dental implant claims

If you have sustained injury as a result of a negligent dental implant we can help you claim compensation not only for your injuries but cost of any further treatment you may need as a result of the initial treatment.

Dental implants, when effectively used, can provide comfort and confidence by acting as support to replacement of an individual tooth or group of damaged teeth and are a valid alternative to dentures however, while there is a high success rate to this procedure, there can be problems.

Possible problems arising from the use of dental implants

  • Those most likely is to do with rejection whereby the implant fails to fuse with the jawbone. This is not always as a result of negligence and may be due to inherent problems. Other issues can arise as a result of infection of the gum tissue as well as damage to the nerves, sinus or nasal cavity all of which are in close proximity to the area of repair.
  • Nerve damage can arise when the natural root of an adjoining tooth is curved or tilted towards the position of the implant – damage to the nerve may require root canal work. If the initial nerve damage was as a result of negligence then you can seek compensation for the pain and distress caused by this additional treatment.
  • Implants should only be fitted into a strong health jaw that can take the screws that will act as the root for the implant; neglecting to do this can result in a failure of the implant leading to pain and discomfort. In addition this can lead to damage to surrounding and previously healthy teeth.
  • Teeth should be replaced on a one-to-one basis to ensure that your bite distribution is even and that undue pressure is not placed on any one particular tooth or small group of teeth. If an inadequate number implants are used then excess pressure can be put on the remaining teeth.

If you have suffered as a result of what you believe was negligent implant treatment we can help you claim compensation and damages and we can do this on a no win-no fee basis. This means that, if for any reason we are unable to make a recovery of damages, you won’t be charged for the work we have done on your behalf.

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