Eye and Laser Treatment Claims

Laser eye surgery is becoming more commonplace and easier to access, but this in turn has lead to an increase in the number of cases where there have been problems with the procedure leading to symptoms such as pain, irritation, a worsening or loss of vision or scarring of the lens.

If this has happened to you then we can help you claim compensation for your injuries and losses.

Firstly we look, not only, for compensation for your pain, discomfort and inconvenience but also for the cost of any further treatment that may relieve your symptoms and assist with your recovery.

In addition we would seek recovery of:

  • any lost income income both past and future
  • any travel expenses
  • prejudice on the job market as a result of the deterioration in your eyesight
  • all and any other financial losses arising as a result of the incident.

Once we have made sure you have the right type of funding in place so that you are never out of pocket if you are unsuccessful (your claim can be dealt with on a No Win-No Fee basis), we will obtain a report to determine the extent and cause of the problems you are having with your eyes.

If we can show that your eyes are, as a result of the treatment, damaged then we will press on with your claim.

For your initial and confidential assessment and appraisal of your claim get in touch with us today:

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