Blood Test Misdiagnosis Claims

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If, as a result of a misdiagnosed blood test you have not received the correct treatment or a condition or illness has been missed, then you may be entitled to claim compensation for your pain and suffering along with any financial losses arising from the misdiagnosis.

A failure by your doctor or other medical practitioner to recognise any abnormality or detect a potential issue  following a blood test could, for example, result in the development of any of the following:

  • diabetes
  • heart attack
  • lung/liver/kidney disease
  • anaemia
  • leukaemia
  • deep vein thrombosis (dvt)
  • septicaemia
  • general infections

All of the above conditions can have a massive impact on your life; we understand this and we work closely with outside agencies to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve to enable you to live as full and rewarding a life as possible.

It will be necessary to show there was a problem with the diagnosis (or lack of) and that this negligence led to the resulting condition. This is known as a causal link, and is required for your claim to be successful. You will need qualified legal advice when making such a claim and we can offer the expertise and experience you need.

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We can deal with your claim on a No Win-No Fee basis so if for any reason your claim is not successful you won’t pay us a penny for the work we have done on your behalf.

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