Clinical Negligence Case Studies

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While every case is different and will be dealt with based on its own individual circumstances, it may be of interest for you to see how we have dealt with past matters:

Optical Clinical Negligence

We represented the Claimant in proceedings brought against the Defendant for damages for injuries and losses arising out of a clinical negligence claim. The Defendant was the NHS Trust responsible for the management and provision of ophthalmological treatment and care to the Claimant over a period of several months.  (click here for more)

Failure to Diagnose

The Claimant brought a claim against the Defendant for damages arising out of a clinical negligence claim. The Claimant had fallen during a football training session landing awkwardly onto his right dominant wrist.  He was taken to hospital and was seen by an Emergency Nurse Practitioner who failed to examine the scaphoid bone. An x-ray was taken but the Claimant was advised that they did not demonstrate any bony injury. (click here for more)

Failure to adequately treat.

The Claimant bought a clinical negligence claim against the Defendant relating to medical care that she received over the course of a 5-month period. The Claimant had attended at her local hospital`s Gynaecology clinic with complaints of heavy bleeding, clotting and painful cramping.  (click here for more)

Failure to treat

We acted on behalf of a Claimant in relation to an alleged breach of duty in treatment given to the Claimant which was alleged to have caused or materially contributed to the Claimant’s stillbirth of her foetus.  (click here for more)

Substandard Treatment

We acted for a Claimant in relation to a claim against the Defendants for injuries arising out of clinical negligence. Shortly after receiving instructions, the Claimant died for reasons unrelated to the events giving rise to her claim. Following a Grant of Probate, the claim continued on the instructions of the Executors of the Claimant’s estate.  (click here for more)