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Passenger on train recovers compensation.

We recently secured significant damages for our client who suffered physical and psychological injuries when he was travelling on a train in 2017 which was hit by a motor vehicle.  Our client was travelling to work when the occupant of a motor vehicle disregarded warning signs at the level crossing subsequently colliding with the train.  The occupants of the car were tragically killed leaving many others, including our client, injured on the train.  The insurers for the motor vehicle admitted liability.

Our client suffered injuries to his back and shoulder.  He also experienced significant psychological distress due to witnessing the tragic events.  With the help of counselling, our client has been able to improve his symptoms but still re-lives the trauma of the event regularly which will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Our client said “I am very pleased with the service Cohen Cramer provided to me.  The communication has been brilliant and I really thank them for their hard work and support during a very difficult time.

April 2021