Cosmetic Surgery – time for a second look.

  • August 15, 2012
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Claim for PIP breast implant

The number of people, predominately women, who voluntarily undergo cosmetic surgery is on the increase. This is leading to calls for greater regulation, in a largely unregulated industry and tighter controls over advertising which is seen to play on the fears and body issues of the vulnerable and young.

In a time when large breasts can be enough to guarantee you the 15 minutes of fame that so many seem to crave the government must ensure that there is not a repeat of the recent PIP scandal that lead to concern and worry to so many women who had breast implants using a solution developed and used for mattress filling.

As part of this need Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS, is leading a review into the procedures and techniques used in this multi-million pound industry. The review, requested by the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, will look at regulation and safety as well as the procedures and the skills and qualifications of those who practice the treatments.

A major issue to be addressed is the fact that figures show that purchasers of cosmetic procedure are more concerned about the cost of the procedure rather than the qualification of the surgeon or the level of post procedure care.  Another concern raised by Sir Keogh is the spontaneous nature of having the treatment without consideration of ‘the lifelong implications it can have’.

Women who were fitted with the PIP breast implant are not thought to be at risk from toxic or cancer causing agents but there is an increased chance of rupture.

If you think that you may have been fitted with such an implant you may be entitled to compensation; to find out what your options are contact Gartons Solicitors on 0113 237 9617, email us or visit our dedicated breast implant website for further information.

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