Fall from Scaffolding Claims

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Fall from scaffolding claim: If you have sustained injury and loss as a result of falling from scaffolding while at work then you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries and losses.

Due to the nature of the work involved with scaffolding the injuries sustained can be severe so you need a solicitor you can trust; a solicitor who fights to make sure that you receive every penny you deserve.

The cause of your accident

The injury may have been caused by a failure to provide safety harness or other adequate PPE. There may have been a lack of training or risk assessment. It may have been as a result of poorly erected or maintained scaffolding.

Your employers are required to ensure your safety and well-being while at work. If they fail to do so then it is only right that they are liable to pay you compensation.

Cohen Cramer solicitors are able to deal with your claim not only in a professional manner but also on a no-win no fee basis. This means you get the benefit of our knowledge and experience whilst at the same time there is no risk to you if your claim is not successful.

What you can claim 

We would look to recover, as part of your claim not only compensation for your injuries but also any financial losses you may have incurred.

This can include:

  • lost income as a result of time away for work for recovery and treatment
  • the cost of any treatment or medication you may require
  • the cost of alterations and amendments to your car and home if the injury is particularly severe
  • future losses if your injury is going to prevent you from working or functioning at full capacity in the future
  • prejudice on the job market (a Smith in Manchester claim) so that if you were to lose your current job any difficulty you may have inviting subsequent work would be compensated
  • care and assistance provided by family and friends even if you didn’t pay for their assistance; this is known as a gratuitous care claim
  • any other financial losses resulting from the incident

Start your fall from scaffolding claim

It is vitally important to there is evidence in support of your claim so we would recommend that, if at all possible and appropriate that you obtain photographic evidence of any defect or hazard that lead to your accident. If you make sure that the photos are dated stamped.

Building and construction workers move from site to site on a regular basis, therefore, it is a good idea to get personal phone numbers and home addresses of anyone who can provide a witness statement in support of your claim.

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