Finger Nail Extension Claims

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Your fingernail extension claim

Nail salons, like so many areas of the beauty industry, are unregulated and, as the number of salons increases, so do the number of claims for negligence in particular fingernail extension claims. If you suffer injury as a result of the poor application or removal of fingernail extensions while at a salon or spa then we can help you claim the compensation that you deserve.

The use of fingernail extensions is not in itself dangerous however the acids and chemicals that are used as well as the actual physical act involved in attaching and removing such can lead to infection, injury and long-term damage.

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Common problems that can arise from a lack of skill and or poor hygiene during nail procedures are:

  • infections caused by equipment that has not been properly cleaned before and after use;
  • badly fitted nails that lift from the nail so that bacterial growth can develop under the nail extension;
  • cuts to the cuticles (the skin surrounding the nail) resulting in an infection;
  • allergic reactions to the chemicals/glue used due to a lack of patch testing.

If the skin around the nail is cut or broken during the procedure it can allow bacteria to enter under the nail leading to infection and inflammation likewise a failure to use sterilised equipment can lead to infection and bacteria being passed from one party to another.

What it will cost to make your fingernail extension claim.

Our legal team has the expertise, experience and knowledge to advise you on the chances of a successful fingernail extension claim and what can be done to ensure that your rights are protected. We can advise you as to your options. If we think you have a good case we act for you on a no win – no fee basis.

A no win – no fee claim means that subject to our terms and conditions, if your claim is not successful then you won’t have to pay for the work we have done on your behalf

What can I claim?

We will look to claim not only for the pain and inconvenience you may suffer as a result of the injury/infection but also for all and any financial losses that may arise as a result.

Financial losses may include:

  • the cost of the original treatment as well as any further treatment;
  • the cost of any medical treatment/medication that may arise as a result of the matter;
  • any lost income due to time off work for recovery or treatment;
  • all and any other financial losses that you may incur;

Starting your fingernail extension claim.

We would recommend that you take the following steps if affected by poor treatment at a nail salon or spa:

  • take clear and dated pictures of the affected area; you may want to do this over a period of time to show development and recovery
  • seek medical assistance from your doctor or hospital depending on the severity of your injuries
  • seek expert and experienced legal advice from our solicitors today:
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