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Forces Bullying Harassment Claims

  • March 15, 2021
  • mmassen
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Forces Bullying Harassment Claims. We are saddened to hear the RAF’s Special Police investigation is investigating an incident involving service personnel. The individual has been allegedly been subjected to an assault whilst naked with a mortar barrel during an initiation ceremony.  Such conduct is abhorrent.  It’s hard to believe such incidents are still taking place today.  Service personnel deserve the right to respect and dignity when carrying out their roles.  Any form of humiliation or violence is to be condemned.

There are many ways for a person to be harassed and for a valid claim to arise.  Some examples are as follows :

Sexual orientation – this occurs when a person is harassed or bullied as a result of their sexual persuasion eg being gay or bisexual;

Race and colour – when a person is harassed or bullied due to the colour of their skin or the place they were born;

Gender – harassment or being bullied due to their sex which also covers cross-gender or gender re-assigned individuals;

Disability – this is when a person is harassed or bullied due to a physical or mental disability;

Age – bullying or harassment due to their age whether that be old or young;

Belief or religion – bullying or harassment due to a specific belief or religion they follow.

The MOD’s policy on anti-bullying, JSP 763 is a guide for all MOD service and civilian about making or responding to complaints of bullying and harassment.

Forces Bullying Harassment Claims

If you have suffered any form of harassment or bullying at work then you must begin your claim within 3 years of the date of the injury.  Claims under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 must be brought within 6 years.  Such conduct must occur on at least two occasions and be designed to cause alarm or distress.  It must be oppressive or unreasonable.  Banter in the workplace is unlikely to be sufficient unless it causes alarm or distress and is judged to be unreasonable.

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Your claim can be dealt with under a conditional fee agreement. This means that your claim is not successful then, subject to compliance with our terms and conditions, you will not have to pay for the work we have done on your behalf.

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