After the event insurance policy

To ensure that you don’t have to pay for any disbursements incurred in pursuing your claim we will make sure that you have the appropriate insurance for your claim. Medical records, expert reports and court fees are all common examples of disbursements in personal injury cases.

We will see if you have ‘before the event’ insurance (BTE); this is an insurance policy that may be attached to your car insurance or house insurance and covers the cost of disbursements if your claim fails; if your claim succeeds then the disbursements are met by the other side’s insurers.

If you don’t have BTE then we will look to obtain an ‘After the Event’ (ATE) policy for you; the cost of this is usually in the £200 mark for the more usual type of claim such as a trip, accident at work or a road traffic accident. More involved and complex matters will have a higher premium.

If you claim fails then the policy will cover the cost of any disbursements as well as the cost of the policy so there will be nothing for you to pay.

If your claim is successful then you will pay the cost of the policy out of your damages together with other agreed fees.

You are not required to take out a policy however you will be personally liable for any uncovered disbursements should you chose not to do so and your claim later fails.

For further information and to answer any questions you may have as regards insuring your claim please get in touch with Mike Massen on 0113 224 7804, thank you.