Industrial Disease

Although we act for many people injured at work, we also have a specialist team representing clients who have suffered injuries as a result of industrial disease or illness.

There is a whole range of injuries and conditions which fall under the definition of industrial disease. They arise usually where employers have breached their duty of care to ensure your health is not adversely affected by your work. Often these conditions are caused by poor or hazardous working conditions or exposure to excessive noise, dangerous substances, dust, fumes or vibrating tools and equipment.

The conditions and illnesses include;

The effects of industrial disease or illness can sometimes develop quickly or may take years before symptoms start to show. We would always recommend seeking the earliest possible medical advice as sometimes conditions can be life threatening.

If you are suffering from an industrial disease or illness then we would also recommend seeking legal advice on obtaining compensation as well as entitlement to benefits. Even though it may have been many years ago when you worked in the environment that gave rise to your condition, it still may be possible to claim.

Our experienced specialist legal team will give you their expert advice, help and care throughout the claims process, acting on your behalf on a no win no fee basis. These types of claims do require specialists rather than general personal injury lawyers to ensure that clients get the treatment and compensation they deserve.

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