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Contact Dermatitis Claims: If you have developed contact dermatitis due to substance exposure at work then you can look to claim compensation for your injuries and losses, and we can help you claim what you deserve.

What is contact dermatitis?

The condition will show as an inflammation of the skin and is like a form of eczema. It will show, usually on the hands although it can appear anywhere on the body, scaly skin and redness. There can also be burning and stinging sensation, and in turn the skin can become dry, cracked and blistered.

The condition can arise from coming into contact with a substance, usually a liquid, that is either:

  • an irritant – which is a substance that physically damages the skin. This is the more common cause of the condition
  • an allergen – which is a substance that causes the immune system to respond in a way that affects the skin

If as a result of your job you develop contact dermatitis, then you should seek immediate medical advice.

Your claim

Once you have sought medical advice we would advise you to also obtain legal advice. You may be able to make a claim for your injuries, to include losses such as any time you may need off work while the condition settles down.

In addition, we would look to claim compensation for any lost income if the condition prevented you from working as well as any medication costs you may incur.

Claims for this type of industrial disease are not straightforward and we will need to show that there was a chemical, liquid or dust at your place of work that caused the irritant and that, your employer was at fault by failing to provide you with adequate protection either in the form of barrier cream, splash guards or other appropriate personal protective equipment.

Your claim can be dealt with on a ‘No Win – No Fee’ basis, this means that if for any reason we are not successful then you don’t pay us a penny for the work we have done. 

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Contact Dermatitis Claims