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Injury as a Result of Failure of Military PPE

Injury as a Result of Failure of Military PPE

  • October 29, 2020
  • mmassen
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Injury as a Result of Failure of Military PPE. The Ministry of Defence has a duty to provide safe and suitable personal protective equipment to members of the Armed Forces who are at risk of being injured in service.

Failures in equipment (or failures in the chain of command to provide suitable equipment) often results in serious injury.  Cutbacks in the defence budget have had major consequences for many members of the Armed Forces.  Injuries often occur in basic training, on adventure courses, drills and even in active combat where the principle of combat immunity does not apply.  Members of the Armed Forces are not prevented from pursuing claims for damages whilst in active combat if there is a failure of protective equipment which causes injury.

Injury as a result of the failure of military PPE

If you are a member of the Armed Forces (whether serving or not) and have suffered any injury due to failures in your equipment, you may be entitled to compensation. You may be facing the loss of your career or be downgraded (temporarily or permanently) which is having a financial impact on you and your family.

There is a strict three-year time limit from the date of injury in which to commence court proceedings.  This time limit can be extended but only in exceptional circumstances.  It is very important to avoid delay.  You should not wait until you have discharged until you make a claim.  It is a common myth that you cannot claim until you have left service.  It may be too late then.

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Please contact Diane Davison on 0113 2247837 (email: if you want an informal chat as to whether you may be entitled to compensation. We are experts in our field and will deal with your enquiry sensitively and compassionately.  We offer a truly “no win, no fee” service which means you do not pay anything unless you win your case.  This is subject to terms and conditions which we will discuss with you.


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