Mr Desmond D’Mello and Daybrook Dental Centre

  • November 12, 2014
  • mmassen
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Over 22,000 dental patients in the Nottingham area have received a letter advising them  of the need to obtain a blood test as a result of treatment received from Mr D’Mello at the Daybrook Dental Centre on Mansfield Road, Nottingham.

It is believed that the level of treatment given fell below the expected standard of care and the practice was criticised by the Care Quality Commission in a 2014 report. Operation

The blood tests are required to check for such blood borne virus as Hepatitis B Hepatitis C and HIV although it is believed that the dentist concerned is not HIV positive.

The recall of patients is believed to be the largest in NHS History and stretches back over 32 years although any claims being made will rely upon the date of knowledge i.e. the date that they received notification as the trigger for the standard three year period.

Those affected can seek compensation for the stress and worry resulting from receiving the notification even if there has been no infection resulting from the treatment and are advised to seek expert legal advice.

Emma Mason head of Cohen Cramer negligent infection department said ‘it is incredible how the poor levels of treatment and hygiene have gone on for so long without being detected. While it is acknowledged that there is a very low level risk of infection that risk still exists and I would encourage all those who receive notification to undergo the required tests’

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