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Personal Injury Solicitors in Leeds. If you have sustained injury and loss as a result of the negligent action of a third-party you may be entitled to compensation and damages for your injuries and loss.

We are personal injury specialists and have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to make sure that you recover the compensation that you deserve. Based in Leeds, we are able to provide expert advice and assistance to clients throughout England and Wales.

If we feel that your claim has good prospects of success then we will be happy to deal with such on a no win-no fee basis. This means that subject to our terms and conditions, if your claim is not successful then you don’t have to pay for the work we have done on your behalf.

When can I claim compensation?

Your injury may have been the result of a negligent motorist or a defect in the highway or pavement due to the council’s failure to maintain such. Your accident may have been at work due to your employer’s failure to ensure a safe working environment. Whatever the cause, we can give you the advice and assistance you need.

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What can I claim for compensation

We will look to claim compensation not only for your physical injuries but also any psychological problems that have arisen as a result of the incident. If you sustained scarring then again this too will be included.

In addition to your injuries, we will also look to claim for any financial losses you have incurred. This can include treatment costs, lost income, gratuitous care, travel expenses, etc. We will also claim for any future losses or costs that may arise.

How long do I have to make my personal injury claim?

With a personal injury claim you have three years from the date of the incident or date of knowledge. Date of knowledge normally relates to a clinical negligence claim or industrial disease claim. In such matters, the realisation of injury or negligence may be many years after the actual incident that has led to the injury.

There are exceptions to this rule in relation to minors who are injured and in relation to the death of the claimant after the incident has occurred but not as a result of the incident. To find out whether you are eligible to bring a claim get in touch of us today.

What do I need to prove to succeed with my claim?

For your claim to be successful you will need to show that your injuries were as a result of the negligence of a third-party. It doesn’t automatically follow that just because you sustain an injury somebody must be at fault. Accidents do occasionally happen and if we believe that there is unlikely to be a successful outcome, we will advise you at the outset.

What will it cost to bring my claim?

If we feel that your claim has reasonable prospects of success (more than a 51% chance) then we will be happy to deal with such on a no win-no fee basis. A no win-no fee agreement is an agreement between us and you in relation to the funding of your claim. If the claim is not successful then you will not pay us for the work we have done in pursuing your claim. You will be required to abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement but as long as you provide us with information and accept our advice on the matter then you will not have to worry about the cost of bringing your claim.

If your claim is successful, we will take a capped pre-agreed percentage of your compensation in relation to a success fee and any shortfall as to our legal fees.

You do not have any upfront fees and there is no financial risk to yourself. We only get paid if you get paid.

How do I make my personal injury claim?

For a review of your claim and advice as to whether we can help you claim compensation on a no win-no fee basis get in touch with us today

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