Psychological damage following a needlestick injury

  • May 13, 2013
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Victims of needlestick injuries are sometimes wary of making a claim for fear of being seen as making a drama out of nothing; too often are such innocent victims told to ‘ get over it’ or that ‘it didn’t hurt; what’s the fuss’. This is very far from the truth and a needlestick injury can have a devastating effect on the life of the injured party.

Claim for your needlestick injury now

Claim for your needlestick injury now

The following is a brief article recently published by the British Psychological Society

Needlestick injuries could be the cause of long-term psychological illness, new research has suggested. Published in the Society of Occupational Medicine’s journal Occupational Medicine, the study found people who suffer such piercings may also endure substantial or persistent psychiatric illness or depression.

The investigation considered three case histories and discovered the psychiatric trauma of needlestick injuries is comparable to that experienced by casualties of road traffic accidents and other significant events.

‘Sharps’ injuries of this nature are common among nurses and other medical workers – and it was demonstrated that the psychological effects of them can impact on family relationships and work attendance.

Professor Ben Green, who led the research, said these aspects of such injuries are often overlooked, adding: “The main health implication of needlestick incidents is probably psychiatric injury caused by fear and worry.”

The study found that the duration of psychiatric symptoms are often associated with the amount of time it takes for a sharps injury victim’s blood test results to arrive. 

Emma Citron, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, commented: “This is an interesting study that highlights a little thought about cause of psychological distress. 

“It makes sense that  injuries by needle – ‘needlestick injury’ – can lead to an adjustment reaction or trauma response in some where it is easy to imagine health anxieties being provoked and lifestyle changes resulting . 

“It is important that this study has brought this source of psychological distress to the attention of professionals and the public. It raises awareness and could help sufferers to better access the help they need.”

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