Football Injury


Sports injury law is a niche area of personal injury law that is often overlooked, however, if you have sustained an injury whilst enjoying the sport you love, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Gone are the days where sports injuries are considered “part of the game” – if you have been the victim of a dangerous tackle or a punch you may be entitled to compensation – for example, if you are punched in the face and suffer a broken jaw, this should never be considered “part and parcel of the game” It is not part of the game and never has been.

If you are unable to play for 2 months or to work as a result of the injury, who is going to pay your mortgage? Why should you lose out financially through no fault of your own?

This is where we can help.

We can bring a claim for personal injuries seeking compensation for both your financial losses and compensation for the injury itself, meaning you do not lose out – not even, for the love of the beautiful game…