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If you, or a member of your family, have suffered illness due to food poisoning or poor hygiene facilities such as unwashed cutlery and crockery or even a bug in the swimming pool while on holiday, Cohen Cramer Solicitors can help you claim compensation.

Illness can take the form of vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pains, flu-like symptoms as well as loss of appetite and generally feeling unwell.

The causes of holiday illness mainly relate to poor hygiene standards:

  • food poisoning and other forms of bacterial infection and as a result of cross contamination from uncooked or raw foodstuffs or inadequate personal hygiene by those preparing the food.
  • ice made from unfiltered water
  • fresh produce that has been washed in unfiltered water

In addition illness can result from using swimming pools that have become contaminated due to lack of adequate or correct maintenance.

An illness on holiday that is caused by a bacterial infection can be more than just an inconvenience that ruins your holiday; some infections can be very debilitating and in rare cases can cause life threatening injuries. Infection can also lead to long-term problems such as irritable bowel syndrome with the very young, elderly or the infirm being particularly vulnerable.

It may be that you suffered sickness whilst staying in a hotel, on a cruise or a coach trip. If we can show the cause was as a result of negligence we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

We have the expertise and knowledge to deal with your claim and we will look to recover:

  • Compensation for you or your family member’s pain and suffering
  • The cost of the holiday
  • Lost income if you are unable to return to work once you return home
  • The cost of treatment and medication
  • All and any other financial losses arising from the incident

The level of compensation you may receive depends on the extent and impact of your illness but the average claim is in the region of £2500 but can be a lot higher if your illness was particularly prolonged or had long-lasting implications.

We can deal with your claim on a no win-no fee basis so that if, for any reason, your claim is not successful you won’t pay us a penny for the work we have done on your behalf.

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