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If you have sustained an injury due to poorly applied false eyelashes Cohen Cramer Solicitors can help you claim compensation.

Injury can result from burns caused by the glue that is used to secure the lashes as well as allergic reaction. In turn this can lead to infection and damage to the eye. We have even dealt with a case where the glue had been applied in such a heavy handed fashion that the customer’s eye was glued together.

In the worst case scenario the customer may suffer from traction alopecia, this is where so much tension is applied to hair, including eyelashes, that fall out may be permanent.

testpeelThis procedure, which can be quite complex, is unregulated and relatively new. This has led to a number of claims based upon poor service levels and lack of product knowledge.

Other problems may result a lack of a skin patch test. If such a test is not carried out beforehand (preferably 24-48 hours before) then there is an increased risk of an allergic reaction and skin damage.

  • If you think that you the procedure you have had has caused damage or harm to your eye or eyelashes we would advise you do the following:
  • Ask that the incident be recorded in the salon accident book, check that what is written is an accurate representation of what has gone on and insist that both you and the stylist/manager sign the entry as being correct.
  • Depending on the problem and extent of injury go and seek medical assistance; your sight is precious and if you have any concerns whatsoever go to your gp or local walk in centre/ accident and emergency.
  • Take photographs showing the damage that has been caused and if possible set your camera to record the date it was taken.
  • Contact us to get the experienced legal advice you need.

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