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If you have sustained an injury as a result of negligent laser hair removal treatment then Cohen Cramer can help you make a compensation claim for your injuries and losses.

Since October 2010 the use of Intense Pulse Lasers (IPL) and lasers for cosmetic purposes has been unregulated. The deregulation of this aspect of the beauty industry has led to an increase in the number of under-qualified salon technicians and a greater increase in the number of actions for negligence against such businesses.

Despite the lack of regulation those providing this service should still have a minimum of an NVQ3 or equivalent.

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Prior to receiving your laser treatment you should receive:

  • a pre-treatment care regime to ensure that your treatment has the best chance to be effective
  • a full explanation of the treatment
  • a full and proper consultation with notes taken
  • a full discussion of your medical history including details of medications being taken at the time of the treatment
  • an examination of the area to be treated
  • advice on the probable outcome compared to your expectations
  • an explanation of the laser hair removal treatment and the alternatives open to you
  • details of any post-treatment procedures you need to follow

The most important aspects of pre-treatment are:

  • a patch test with an explanation as to its purpose. This involves a small area of the skin being treated to make sure that there are no adverse reactions; you should be given this a few days before full treatment is due to begin
  • You must give informed consent before you receive any form of treatment

A failure to comply with the above does not automatically mean that the clinic is at fault, however it is a good indication that they have failed to follow the correct procedure and this is always useful in proving liability in your favour.

There could be some residual issues that may not constitute negligence such as increased sensitivity to the treated area and some pain and discomfort for a short period. This may be normal and should be explained to you before the treatment began.

The most common injuries leading to claims are burns, discolouration (hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation) and scarring.

The level of damages will depend upon the extent and duration of the injuries and suffering experienced, as well as the individual circumstance of the injured party. We would look to claim not only for the pain and scarring/burns but also any psychological damages that you may suffer as a result of the injury.

In addition we would seek to recover:

  • the cost of any treatment either for the scarring/burns as well as psychological treatment such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • the long-term costs of camouflage cream and other required cosmetics to reduce the visibility of skin disfigurement
  • the recovery of the costs of the original treatment
  • lost income as a result of time away from work for recovery and/or treatment
  • all and any other financial losses resulting from the incident

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