Case Studies

We have helped others; we can help you.

Tom, an eight year old boy, had his left ear badly bitten by the neighbours dog, he needed surgery to rebuild and reconstruct the ear. Fortunately his hearing was unaffected but his ear will never look the same the again. After his mum contacted us we were able to obtain an admission of liability and, based upon the medical report and photographs we obtained an award that the Courts will hold on trust for him until his 18th birthday.

Mrs N.C sustained injury when she was pushed over a wall by an over-friendly dog; the actual bite she sustained was not intended however we were still able to claim damages for the injuries she sustained as a result of both the bite and the fall.

Miss C suffered injuries when she went to the aid of her dog that was being attacked by a much larger dog, she sustained scarring to her leg. The insurers for the other dog tried to deny liability on the grounds that, as she had gone to the rescue of her dog then it was her own fault. We did not agree with this and eventually secured damages of £5075.00

All the above people and many more have succesfully claimed compensation after contacting us and we were able to help them on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis and we can do the same for you.

We are currently negotiating a £10,000.00 plus settlement for a young woman who sustained scarring to her face when bitten by the dog of a family friend.