Dog Bite Septicemia

Dog bite septicemia is a medical condition that can arise as a result of being bitten by a dog. Basically it is an infection of the blood stream that can result in any number of potentially very serious conditions such as meningitis, infection of the heart valves and eye infections.

It does not have to be an unhealthy dog that bites you for the infection to be transferred to you; upto 16% of healthy dogs can carry the infection-carrying germs in their mouth, in turn they are transferred when they bite.

All dog bite wounds should be taken seriously and, if bitten, you must seek medical attention straight away, in addition you should wash the bite area with soap and warm water.

If you have sustained illness as a result of a dog bite you are as entitled to claim compensation as if you have been left with scarring or pyschological issues.

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Dog bite claims are not always straighforward, there is the issue of whether the dog has insurance as well as showing that the owner was at fault.  Anyone who says that dogbite claims are straight forward and guarantees to win your case for you should be taken with a very large pinch of salt. I am not going to promise you a cheque in six months time but what I will gurantee is that your case will be dealt with by a qualified solicitor with expertise and experience in dealing with claims like yours.

You may have been attacked by a vicious dog or a small ‘toy’ dog, it may have been a random attack in the street or you may have been bitten while visiting a friend’s house, you may have been protecting your own dog or you may have been attacked and bitten by a police dog. Whatever the circumstances of your attack I can help you.

We will look to claim damages and compensation arising from the incident to ensure that you are put in the position you were before the incident. We will look to claim:

  • Compensation for your injuries, both mental and physical
  • Treatment costs, this can be both psychological such as cognitive behavioural therapy and/or re-constructive or plastic surgery for any scarring
  • Lost income due to the injury
  • Care and help provided by family and friends while you are recovering
  • Clothing and other property damaged in the attack
  • Any other losses resulting from the attack.

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We can deal with your claim on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis; this means that if you win your case you don’t pay us a penny and, if for any reason, we are unable to claim compensation for you then you don’t pay us a penny. There is no risk in bringing your claim with Gartons Solicitors.

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