Police Dog Training

The use of dogs is a vital part of police work in this country and a lot of work and effort goes into the training and use of police dogs. Theres is a close bond between the dog and the handling officer that is built up over the weeks of training that takes place before a dog is used in a ‘live’ situation.

Occasionally there will be problems and innocent members of the public can suffer serious injury and loss as a result of a bite from a police dog and such victims can claim compensation for their injuries and losses.

If you have been attacked by a police dog you may have sustained injury; both mental and physical as well as scarring and as well as claiming for your injuries you can also claim for:

  • Treatment costs- this can include reconstructive or plastic surgery
  • Lost income for time off work either due to the attack of for treatment
  • Propery damaged in the attack such as clothing or spectacles
  • Help from family and friends even if you did not pay for their help
  • Other losses arising as a result of the incident

Use of Police Dogs

A police dog should only be used when the person attacked is engaged in an activity as stated within section 17 5.5 of the manual:

1. Pursuing and detaining a suspect who is making off

2. Engaging and detaining a suspect who presents a threat

3. Guarding and escorting suspects after apprehension

4. Defending handler against attack

5. Defending other officers against attack

6. Protecting members of the public

7. Protecting property

8. Defending itself against attack

9. Crowd control

Before releasing the dog the handling officer needs to give a verbal warning as to the prescence of the dog and of their, the officer’s, intentions (s24 12.2 of the manual).

Police Dogs are trained to restrain in times of deployment by biting down on lower or upper part of the arm (s34 6.3) however it goes onto say that this is not always possible and being bitten elsewhere on the body does not automatically mean that you will get compensation but again it will be helpful to your claim; for instance if you are lying on the floor and you can be restrained by means of a bite down on the arm.

Police dogs do dangerous work that is often beneficial to the public and it is not the intention of Gartons Solicitors to demonise them and when an unnecessary attack takes place it is usually due to bad handling or lack of training however if you have suffered injury or loss as a result of bad handling or lack of training then you are entitle to claim compensation for your injuries and losses and we can help you.

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