When Can I Claim for a Dogbite?

You can claim when you are bitten by a dog and suffer an injury.

Dog bites can happen when you are at work; you may be a postman or milkman; you could be bitten by a neighbour’s dog that has escaped or simply while out walking in the park. Whatever the circumstances you can, if the owner of the dog has been negligent, claim for you injuries and losses.

The law that governs dog bites is mainly contained within the Animals Act and without getting too technical and looking as if I am trying to impress you with jargon basically we have to show that the owners of the dog didn’t exercise sufficient control over the dog and as long as the injury and damage is of the type that you would expect from that breed of dog and likely to arise in the circumstances there should be no trouble in proving liability.

This does not mean we are home and dry; if the owner doesn’t have insurance there may complications. Unlike cars there is no compulsory insurance for dogs nor is there any government body that will step in and make payment on any claim you have (although see later for cica claims). It is a sad fact of life that those who are most likely to have a large, untrained and potentially dangerous dog are least likely to have insurance.

Some home insurance policies cover for such events and will consider any unsettled judgments against third parties; basically your own insurers may pay out if you get a court judgment against an uninsured dog-owner.

If you were attacked by a dog that had been deliberatley set up on you either as a weapon in itself or as part of a larger crime then you can look to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (C.I.C.A.), this is a government funded body that makes payment to victims of violent crime and this includes instances where dogs have been used as weapons; we can help you with your CICA application and claim.

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