How can my hair be damaged ?

Claim for damage to your hair

Your hair can be damaged in a number of ways if you are given inadeaquate/negligent or poor service by your hairdresser, here are some of the more common causes of injury and damage

Injury to hair from perming

Permanent waving or ‘perming’ is the application of potentially dangerous chemicals to the hair and as such you should always have the following before undergoing any procedure:

  • Skin tests
  • Test curls

to ensure compatibility and suitability with both your hair and scalp.

If these tests are not carried out it is not certain that you will sustain an injury, however it does greatly increase the chances of damage to your hair and scalp.   If excessive amounts of perming reagent are used, or the reagent is too strong, it could lead to scalp burns and/or primary irritant contact dermatitis. This can lead to the skin becoming sensitized so that further chemical treatments cannot be used.

It is a common mistake for hairdressers not to bother with all the required tests, or to assume that if there was no problem in the past using the product on you everything will be o.k. This is not appropriate as your body; scalp and hair are always changing and can react differently every time a chemical is applied, so it is crucial that the above listed tests are done every time you attend at your salon.

Injury caused by hair extensions

Incorrectly applied hair extensions can cause stress and strain upon the existing natural hair and, in turn, this can lead to pain and discomfort, as well causing your hair to be pulled out or to break off from the scalp.

Problems with hair extensions normally result from lack of knowledge and expertise when attaching the extensions to the original hair.

Straightening of hair

The use of chemicals to straighten hair can lead to the same problems that you may experience if the perming solution is applied without the required tests.

Skin Tests and Strand Tests must always be carried out prior to any chemical straightening procedure.

Damage from heated styling aids is also extremely common.

Permanent Colour and Bleaching

Severe progressive damage to the hair and scalp can occur if these chemical reagents are incorrectly applied.

Strand tests must be carried out before each and every chemical application to ensure that the desired colour result can be achieved with the intended reagent and to assess the compatibility with any chemicals, which have been previously applied to the hair.  Severe breakage and damage to the hair can result if misapplied.

Skin test show that the scalp can withstand the intended reagent without any adverse allergic reaction or burn.

Contact Dermatitis, scalp burns and in extreme cases even anaphylactic shock can result from misuse of these chemicals.

If you have sustained injury or damage to your hair as a result of poor or neglectful service while at your salon then you can claim compensation. To get your claim started get in touch with us today:

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