Compensation for delayed flights

If you have suffered inconvenience as a result of a delayed flight then you can claim compensation. You don’t have to show any actual financial loss; the fact you were delayed is enough.

The amount you can claim is based upon the length of the delay and the distance of your flight.

Cohen Cramer Solicitors can help you claim the compensation that you are due.

To be eligible to make a claim you need to show:

  • Your flight was either departing from an EU airport and operated by any airline, or 
  • arriving at an EU airport and operated by an EU airline

How much can I claim ?

If your flight arrived at its destination more than 3 hours behind schedule, then you may be entitled to compensation.

The amounts of compensation payable are:

Length of flight             delay to destination                            Compensation due

Up to 1,500km                    More than 3 hours                                                         €250

1,500km to 3500km          More than 3 hours                                                         €400

More than 3,500km          More than 3 hours but less than 4 hours              €300

More than 3,500km          More than 4 hours                                                         €600

What will it cost me ?

We can offer a simple and cost effective procedure for claiming your compensation; if your claim is successful we will deduct 20% (plus vat), if your claim is not successful you don’t pay us a penny.  There is no admin fee, no small print, it is as simple as that.

If you were part of a group of three or more passengers and we are instructed to act we can offer a group discount meaning that you retain a larger share of your damages; just mention this when you call.

If you think you have a potential claim and would like to speak to someone, please contact us today:

  • Call: Emma Clarke 0113 224 7836 / Jo Sims: 0113 224 7831
  • Pop your details in the contact box at the bottom of this page and we will get straight back to you.