Claims for Bike Accidents caused by Poorly Maintained Roads

cycle accident caused by dangerous road surface.

If your accident was caused by potholes, cracks or other defects and hazards in the road’s surface then you can look to bring a claim against the local authority for your injuries and losses.

Your local authority is under a duty to maintain the highway so that it is safe for use and if it can be shown that they failed to inspect the road on a regular basis or to adequately repair any defects that they are aware of then you can look to claim for your injuries and losses.

If you are one of the many cyclists who suffer injury and loss as a result of poorly maintained roads then you are entitled to claim compensation and damages. Here at Cohen Cramer Solicitors we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

We can help you claim not only for your injuries but also:

  • The cost of bike repair or replacement
  • The cost of accessories and clothing damaged in the accident
  • Lost income caused by time off work for recovery or treatment
  • The cost of treatment or medication required as a result of the incident
  • The cost of surgical appliances/aids and modification to you home if severely injured
  • Care and help provided by family and friends while recovering
  • Mileage and transport costs for replacing bike/equipment or treatment
  • Other losses arising from the accident

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Your claim can be dealt with on a ‘No Win – No Fee’ basis, this means that if your claim fails you won’t have to pay us a penny for the work we have done on your behalf.