Claiming for a low velocity impact car accident

As the number of claims for road traffic accidents grows the insurance companies are, more than ever, seeking to avoid payment of damages by claiming that the accident was a Low Velocity Impact i.e. the level of impact between the vehicles was so low that the party making the claim could not have been injured. This invariably applies to whiplash injuries where there is no visible injury to support the claim with a recovery period of weeks and months rather than years.

The main argument is based upon something akin to the fact that people don’t suffer whiplash in dodgem cars or on theme park rides that have a far greater degree of motion. Likewise in countries that do not have compulsory RTA insurance the incidence of personal injury claims after LVI is minimal

It is still possible to bring a claim after an LVI and here at Cohen Cramer we will look at all the surrounding factors such as the injured party’s

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Pre-existing condition

Also we will consider the actual circumstances of the accident:

  • Did the injured party have time to brace themselves before the collision
  • Where the injured party were sat in the vehicle
  • The make and model of the car and whether there had been any modifications that may affect the results of an impact such as a towbar that is attached directly onto the frame.

If required we will also get both an engineers and a medical consultants report to see what other evidence may be available in relation to your claim.