Serious Injury Claims

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Serious injury claims require specialist skill and knowledge.

If you have suffered serious injuries in an accident that wasn’t your fault then Cohen Cramer Solicitors are here for you. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you claim the compensation and damages you deserve.

Your injuries may have been caused as a result of a road traffic accident, a workplace accident, an accident in a public place or they may have resulted from sub-standard medical treatment. Regardless of the cause of your serious injuries, we can help you rebuild your life.

It may be that you require:

  • long-term care and treatment
  • adaptations to your family home
  • replacement income to make sure that you and your loved ones maintain the quality of life you and your loved ones had before your accident.

If so we can help.

Without the right legal representation, you may not receive all the compensation that you deserve. Dealing with claims involving serious injuries calls for utmost skill and expertise to help you access specialist rehabilitation and ultimately secure the funds you need to help you to become independent again.

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What Type of Injury Can I Claim For?

You can claim for any type of injury regardless of how it is caused as long as it was the fault of another individual or company/organisation.

The majority of serious injury claims are a result of:

Claims of these natures require not only a high level of legal skill to deal with often complex areas of law but also empathy and an understanding and appreciation of what all parties are going through.

What Damages and Compensation Can I Claim For?

Cohen Cramer Solicitors serious injury claims team will deal competently and effectively with your claim.

We will obtain whatever expert medical evidence is necessary to allow us to prove and value your injury compensation claim. This is known as your “general damages` claim”.

As well as obtaining compensation for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity i.e. loss of enjoyment of life, we will also look to recover:

  • lost income, both past and future, resulting from time away from work for recovery or treatment
  • the cost of any treatment, as well the cost of any appliances or equipment you may need to help you cope with your post-accident condition
  • any adaptations that your home or car may need to take account of your injuries
  • the cost of long-term care from private sources as well as gratuitous care from family and friends

As well as legal expertise, we will organise for a case manager to identify and coordinate your rehabilitation needs and to provide you and your family with the support and treatment required to aid your recovery.

Helping you re-build your life can be an expensive and costly process. Our expert knowledge, experience with serious injury claims will help you receive the right amount of compensation. We will be there to fight your corner every step of the way.

We will look to obtain interim payments wherever possible so that your needs are taken care of as they develop.

In summary, we can help you claim not only compensation for all your injuries and resulting needs, but also manage and coordinate not only the medical experts but also the other professionals to assist with your treatment and rehabilitation.

Getting Your Serious Injury Claim Started Today

If you are eligible to claim compensation for your serious injuries then we can act on your behalf on a No Win-No Fee basis so that if your claim is unsuccessful, we will not charge you a penny for the work we have done on your behalf.

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