Chronic Pain Claims

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Here at Cohen Cramer, we pride ourselves on our ability to recognise chronic pain cases and achieve the best results for our clients.

Working together with expert barristers and only medical experts who truly understand these types of complex cases, we have extensive experience in dealing with cases involving pain disorders.

Pain disorders are often associated with psychological factors and are frequently overlooked or dismissed by others in the absence of a more obvious explanation arising from an organic cause.  In these types of cases, it is vital to choose the right medical experts, as the success of a case can often hinge on an expert’s ability to explain the symptoms and any psychological influences.

We understand that chronic pain and depression often go hand in hand and we will ensure that you get the appropriate assistance to help you rebuild your life whilst ensuring that we are here for you and doing all we can to minimise the level of ‘stress’ resulting from your claim.

If you suffer from chronic pain it is vital that you instruct a solicitor with a high level of legal expertise in this area or else you risk being under-compensated for what can be a complex yet often overlooked condition.

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