Sexual Assault at Work Claims

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If you have been sexually assaulted during the course of your work, then you may be entitled to claim compensation from your employers for any physical and psychological injuries arising out of the assault. This right is in addition to any claim you may have against the individual who assaulted you.

The incident may have occurred at a works ‘do’, while away at a conference or as part of everyday working life. Whatever the circumstances or location, sexual assault is wrong and you have a right to seek damages for the upset and distress that it can cause.

We are experts at dealing with such claims and have the experience and knowledge to ensure you obtain every penny of the compensation you deserve.

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Why bring a claim against your employer?

When bringing a claim for injury it is important to make sure that the other side has sufficient money or assets to cover your damages and legal fees. Normally there will be a policy in place such as car insurance, employer’s cover etc that will pay out on successful claims.

In a claim for sexual assault or rape it is unlikely that your attacker will have insurance for a deliberate crime of violence and this could leave you unable to make a claim however, and in certain circumstances, it may be possible to make a claim against the insurers of your attacker’s employers if the assault was carried out while your attacker was acting in the course of their employment. 

An employer is responsible for the negligent actions and deliberate wrongdoing of their employees if the employee in question was acting in the course of the furtherance or development of the employer’s business; basically, if they do something wrong while carrying out their job their employer may be responsible. 

Your employer’s responsibility for your safety and well-being.

If a manager, senior member of staff, trainer or similar were to abuse their position and sexual assault a colleague then the employer may well be responsible. For example, a junior member of staff is plied with drink while away at a residential conference and is then sexually assaulted by the office manager. In this scenario, the victim would have a good claim against their employers. under the concept of vicarious liability as the manager had been abusing his position and was carrying out his job of looking after junior staff members in a negligent fashion.

This responsibility for the actions of an employee is known as vicarious liability and can allow you to make a claim for your injuries and financial losses if sexually assaulted at work.

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