St Aidan’s School, Sunderland Abuse Claims

  • February 4, 2016
  • mmassen
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Further payments have been made by the Catholic Church in relation to alleged sex abuse at Catholic schools in Britain.

£17,000 was paid in compensation to Leslie Turner who claimed two members of the order abused him in the 1960s while he was at St Aidan’s Roman Catholic school in Sunderland.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper Mr Turner stated “After the abuse stopped it was actually worse than when the abuse was taking place.  I tried to become invisible it never occurred to me to tell anybody.  When the head teacher has been abusing you who do you tell?  I put it in a cupboard in my head and I shut the cupboard door”.

The compensation paid was in relation to the psychiatric injury, cost of therapy and loss of earnings sustained by Mr Turner.  He argued that the Irish Christian Brothers were vicariously liable for the abuse.

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