Suing the NHS for Clinical Negligence

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Clinical and Medical Negligence Claims against the NHS: We all need medical assistance at some point and we are lucky to have the medical care we do. Occasionally, mistakes are made and if you receive poor care or treatment the results can be devastating.

The clinical or medical treatment that was negligently provided by the NHS may have been by your doctor or while visiting the hospital.

If you have suffered as a result of clinical negligence while receiving NHS treatment then you are entitled to claim compensation. We can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

You claim can be dealt with on a no win-no fee basis with no upfront fees and nothing to pay if your claim is not successful.

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Our expertise with NHS negligence claims

We are experienced in dealing with all types of injuries and the problems caused by poorly provided medical treatment or care and are aware of how such can impact upon your life and those around you.

Here at Cohen Cramer we have the knowledge and experience to deal with all aspects of medical and clinical negligence including:

How we can help

We know that getting the maximum amount of compensation may only be part of what is needed by our clients. Quite often clients need to know what went wrong and why; for this reason, our investigations start as soon as possible.

Clinical negligence claims can take a long time to settle. There will be a need to obtain evidence that shows the treatment received was negligent. We will need to obtain full reports that show the losses you have suffered as well as future costs that may be incurred. This can include adaptations to accommodation, vehicles etc. as well as long-term rehabilitation, treatment and care.

docker_testFor this reasons we will, once we have obtained an admission of liability, look to obtain early interim payments, private healthcare and rehabilitation support where appropriate so that you can start to make recovery or adapt to your new restrictions.

In addition, we can provide specialist advice on maximising and protecting, by means of a personal injury settlement trust, any state benefits you may receive.

Although based in Leeds we have a national reputation. We will be happy to come and see you at your home or in hospital if required. All such claims can be dealt with on a“no win, no fee” basis so that if your claim does not succeed then there is no cost to you for the legal work we have done pursuing your claim. 

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