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Teeth Straightening Claims

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Teeth Straightening Claims. Have you purchased dental products such as aligners from any company who promised to make you smile, straighten your teeth and improve your overall confidence only to find the products have damaged your teeth?

Teeth straightening claims

We are seeing an increasing number of claims against companies who make such promises. Unfortunately, many fail to undertake any basic checks including physical examination, detailed review of your dental history or take x-rays to consider whether you are in fact a suitable candidate.

Drop-in shops are popping up all over the country offering huge discounts for teeth straightening kits. Discounts can be up to 60% when compared to the cost of getting braces through a Dentist or Orthodontist.

Dentists and Orthodontists are regulated by strict codes of Professional Conduct which unfortunately these companies are not following by failing to undertake basic checks or inform potential candidates of the risks of using such products which can be very serious.  They even offer inducements of free whitening kits.

Problems that can arise with dental straightening devices

Are you somebody who has been affected by purchasing one of these teeth straightening kits only to find they have actually caused damage to your teeth and resulted in additional dental charges?  Have you experienced any distress or anxiety as a result of your experiences?

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Bringing a claim for injury caused by teeth straightening products

For a claim to be successful we need to show that the product you purchased was not safe for use and/or the assessment and subsequent treatment were carried out at a standard below that expected of someone professing expertise in that area. If this can be shown we will then be required to show that their failure to perform to that competent and expected level lead to your problems and dissatisfaction.

We will make sure that you have the right funding in place to bring your claim to ensure that you are never out of pocket. We offer various funding options including a conditional fee agreement. Under such an agreement there is no charge for the work we have done if your claim is not successful, subject to your compliance with our terms and conditions.

Pursuing your claim

Once the right funding is in place we will look to obtain an independent assessment of your post-procedure condition. This will determine whether there is an element of negligence that will enable your claim to go forward.

What can you claim?

When liability is established we will obtain the required reports to support the level and type of injury you have suffered as a result of the unsuitable product and/or negligent procedure. This can include reports for both physical and mental issues that can arise in such matters.

In addition, we will also look to recover:

  • the cost of remedial treatment; this treatment does not have to be from the surgeon or organisation who provided the original treatment
  • lost income both past and present as a result of time from work for recovery or further remedial procedures
  • treatment and medication costs if required
  • all and any other financial losses arising from the procedure

Start your teeth straightening claim today

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